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What You Should Know about the Benefits of Mulch in Lawn Care in Canyon TX

As we all know, lawn care in Texas is a trial every day. Factoring in the water consumption regulations, the weeds and pests native here, the weather, types of soils, and other environmental challenges, homeowners and lawn care companies have to work together to find the best ways to maintain lawns and gardens healthy and thriving all year long. Fortunately, such solutions exist. Organic mulch is cheap, easy to find (or make), and incredibly beneficial from a handful of viewpoints. Our experts in lawn care in Canyon TX are here today to discuss the benefits of mulch, especially in the Texas Panhandle!

Mulch Saves Water

Since water conservation here is of utmost importance, any solution you find to conserve it is a step forward to eco-friendliness and budgetary relaxation. Mulch acts as a thermal insulator. During the summer heat, it protects the soil from sunlight, keeping the seeds, seedlings, and vegetation’s roots cool and moist. It does not permit rapid soil water evaporation either.

In other words, by mulching, you lower the steep need for water on your lawn and landscape. Granted, this doesn’t mean you should give watering up, but you can adjust your sprinkler’s system according to the presence of mulch.

Mulch Keeps Weeds and Pests at Bay

Organic mulch slowly decomposes over time; this is why you should refresh the spring mulch with a new fall layer. Nevertheless, active mulch feeds the soil and plants as slow-release fertilizers do. While mulch can physically keep weeds at bay, acting as a woody barrier that allows you to pull weeds more efficiently, it is its nourishment property that does the job better

A well-fed soil means fewer weeds competing for land and resources against your plants.

Mulch works similarly against pests as well. The more resilient and robust the plants are, the fewer pests you will have to deal with on the long run.

Mulch Helps with other Lawn Care Activities

We saw that mulch retains water and nutrients in the soil, shades seeds and roots from the sun, and fends off weeds and pests. But mulch can do so much more! Here are some ways mulch contributes to your other lawn care activities, rendering them easier:

  • It binds sandy soils and prevents soil compaction from traffic. While aeration is an excellent way to start spring lawn care, proper mulching allows you to skip aeration in some areas of your lawn and garden;
  • It reduces lawn mower damage;
  • It stops nutrients leaching out of the soil – while entertaining biological activity inside the ground – thus reducing the need for the use of heavy chemical fertilizers and amendments to keep the soil nourished and the micro-organisms active throughout the year.

Ask Our Pros in Lawn Care in Canyon TX about Mulching this spring!

If you do not know how to make your mulch or if you need professional mulching from our experts in lawn care in Canyon TX, feel free to ask them for advice and support! They will be more than content to assess the property and provide you with the best solutions and activities for your yard and garden!


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