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Top Signs of Heat Stress in Your Lawn according to Our Pros in Lawn Care in Canyon TX

During scorching heat, you are not the only one to go under severe stress. Your lawn may be affected by heat stress too if not properly cared for. Heat stress in lawns is usually caused by an ugly mix of high temperatures, lack of hydration, and improper mowing practices. A severely stressed-out lawn has a higher risk of getting sick, losing its shine and dying, just like people. Our experts in lawn care in Canyon, TX, have agreed to share with us the most common signs of heat stress in a lawn to know what you should be looking for before it is too late.

Weeds Trying to Take Over

Struggling turfs lack the energy to outgrow its competitors, especially if they are not watered properly during a dry spell. Keep in mind that weeds love heat, unlike grass, so take the proper measures to protect your lawn.

Perfectly Contoured Edges

This sign is not necessarily the result of a properly manicured yard. Neat, clean edges may be a sign that the lawn is under a lot of stress from the heat and has shrunk its root system to stay on the safe side until things improve. Our experts in lawn care in Canyon, TX, recommend keeping a close eye on your lawn in the hot summer months to notice any widening gap between the lawn’s edges and concrete. It may be a sign of severe heat stress, so start re-hydrating it asap.


The loss of its vibrantly green look is another telltale sign of heat stress in a lawn. Grass blades tend to turn grayish or partially dark green when they no longer have enough chlorophyll to produce that nice green we usually associate with a healthy lawn. Chlorophyll production is affected by both lack of water and ridiculously high temperatures.

Turf No Longer Springs Back Right Away

Upon pressed upon, grass should be able to bounce back within 5 seconds. A stressed-out turf won’t be able to return to its initial position almost immediately especially in areas with intense foot traffic. Try to reduce foot traffic in the areas exposed to direct sunlight all day long, especially if your footprints linger in the grass for more than 10 to 15 seconds. Also, try installing a stone walkway in your yard to help relieve some of the stress. We have a team of expert landscape designers and builders just for that.

Brown Spots
Brown spots are the worst sign of heat stress in a lawn. If the lawn has already turned partially brown, it means that the stress is so immense that it had to slip into dormancy in order to survive. This phenomenon usually occurs during prolonged drought when the lawn is not watered at all. Dormancy may prove fatal to newly installed turf.

Consider Hiring Our Professionals in Lawn Care in Canyon TX

Prevention is better than cure, but if you notice one of these symptoms of heat stress in your lawn, call a lawn care professional right away before the damage becomes irreversible. You can request a no-obligation Free Estimate of the lawn care service of your choice via our website or can call us at 806-356-6163 for the fastest service. All our interventions on our clients’ properties are backed by our Reeder Landscape 100% Satisfaction Guarantee because we like to keep our clients’ part of the deal completely risk-free.

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