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Sprinkler Repair & Installation in Wheeler TX

Sprinkler Repair & Installation in Wheeler TX

Sprinkler Repair & Installation Wheeler TXWe know that every drop of water counts but we are also aware that a semi-arid climate doesn’t deter industrious homeowners from properly tending to their lawns and gardens. Our WaterSense partnership and highly trained professionals are here to help those homeowners keep their landscape lush green while using water smarter. If you are one of them, look no further for a service of sprinkler repair & installation in Wheeler TX. We’ve been around for nearly 15 years and have all the tools and expertise you’ll ever need.

Benefits You’ll Enjoy if You Choose Our Service of Sprinkler Repair & Installation in Wheeler TX

We at Reeder Landscape are a family owned company that has been in business since 2005. Our expertise lies in sprinkler system repair, irrigation installation, lawn care, and landscaping. We have everything under one roof so that you don’t look for different teams, which might have different views and tactics, to take care of your irrigation and landscaping needs.

But if irrigation repair is what you want, rest assured that we can handle anything that might be wrong with your garden or lawn sprinkler system while keeping our imprint on your property to a minimum. We can spot and troubleshoot all sorts of coverage issues, leaks in the lines or sprinkler system’s fittings, sprinkler heads that need to be replaced or repaired, controllers went awry, malfunctioning sensors, faulty backflow systems, and many more.

Our experts can also fine-tune your irrigation system so that it can boost its water performance while still meeting your garden’s or lawn’s watering needs and keeping water waste in check. Under our WaterSense partnership, we use only products and technologies that meet federal and local regulations concerning water consumption. What’s more, our irrigation specialists are certified and being constantly trained to keep up with the latest trends in water conservation and management in our service area.

If your sprinkler system needs an upgrade or a simple extension, we can deploy our experts in sprinkler system installation to assess your property, vegetation watering needs, and the best location a sprinkler system should be implemented. Our experts will recommend only the automatic sprinkler system that best fits your property’s profile and your budget but feel free to choose the sprinkler system of your choice and let our teams handle the rest.

If you’re still on the fence about our service of sprinkler repair & installation in Wheeler, TX, know that each of our interventions on your property will be backed by a one-year 100% satisfaction guarantee; so, you can call us back any time to mend or fix things until they’re just right for you without additional charges.

Need More Reasons to Work with Us?

If you are worried about your budget being too small or project too petty, know that there’s no project too big or too small for us. We take our commitment to all our clients very seriously regardless of the intervention’s scale as a happy customer might bring other customers.

Also, if you’re worried about our pricing, know that we have been able to keep our prices down all these years thanks to our ever-expanding coverage area. For your peace of mind, you can request a Free Estimate of the garden and lawn irrigation service you’re interested in by filling out the form here. Also, you can Contact Us with any questions and concerns about our products and services. And for the fastest service, simply give us a call at 806-356-6163.


The Reeder Landscape 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

We guarantee you will be absolutely thrilled with our Lawn Maintenance Services. If there is ever an issue or you have any dissatisfaction with our work, we will be there to fix it and make it right. You can count on Reeder Landscape. We stand behind 100% of our work. Every time. Nothing is more important to us than your complete and total satisfaction.

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Reeder Landscape is an excellent company! Very professional! They did the work as promised and finished ahead of schedule. Would highly recommend.

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These guys are top notch. They make selecting services super easy, payment is super easy, and best of all they have great customer service when you call with questions. Oh, and they do great work and keep my lawn looking great. Highly recommended.