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More Than Meets The Eye

When planning a new landscape addition, it is very easy to focus on the WOW factor of the final
installation. While creating a stunning initial appearance is certainly a landscaper’s top priority, it’s
not the only priority. In order to be a worthwhile investment, professional landscaping must consider
a series of factors that are not immediately apparent.

Oftentimes, landscaping involves at least
a bit of “land-shaping.” This may include
building up certain areas with extra soil,
digging out areas that need to be lowered, or
flattening a currently sloped space. Whatever
land-shaping is necessary, its long-term
effects must be considered.

Elevation changes from excavation greatly
affect your lawn’s drainage situation. How
your property collects and distributes
rainwater is crucial to its livability as well as
the viability of new and existing landscaping.
Changes in elevation, soil composition, and plant material mean changes in water runoff patterns.
Updating your drainage plan to fit with new landscape additions avoids potential issues such as
erosion, standing water, or seepage through your home’s foundation.

When considering plant selection and placement, thorough planning looks beyond the immediate
visual aspects. The plants’ entire life cycle should be accounted for, especially their mature size,
shape, and structure. Does the proximity of new plants to each other as well as existing structures
and landscaping make sense? Is the area (above and below ground) large enough to accommodate
potential additions?
In some cases, mature plants can grow to a point that they block smaller plants from view. Along
these same lines, mature landscaping can eventually create shade that makes nearby plants less viable.
A certain tree or shrub may look great alongside your deck or patio at first, but it may outgrow its
appeal in a few years as it becomes visually and practically cumbersome.
A landscape designer’s job includes more than assembling an attractive landscape that looks great
upon completion. Without in-depth “behind-the-scenes” planning, a great-looking addition may not
last for long. Professional landscapes are a big investment. Factoring in the “hidden” aspects of a new
addition ensures that your new landscape thrives for years to come.

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