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Let Clippings LIE

Did you know that green clippings account for 75% of all yard waste? Or did you know that up to 25% of your lawns total fertilizer needs are supplied by clippings left on the lawn?  How about that clippings contain 80 to 85% water and decompose quickly?


Mowing your lawn would essentially be a pleasant walk in the yard if not for the hassle of bagging and hauling grass clippings.  It turns out that neglecting to do this annoying task can actually be good for your lawn!

Grass that is cut, mulched, and spread by your mower provides valuable nutrients to your turf once it decomposes.  Despite what you may have once heard, accumulated grass clippings do not increase the unwanted layer of thatch.  By mulching your clippings, you are feeding your turf.

This practice of  “grasscycling” also eliminates the time and effort necessary to bag and transport clippings.  Yard waste takes up an inordinate amount of landfill space, and mulching rids your trash cans and compost pile of clippings and puts them to good use.

Don’t let annoying piles of grass clippings spoil your leisurely walk.  Grasscycling makes mowing easier while reducing waste and feeding your lawn in the process.

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These guys are top notch. They make selecting services super easy, payment is super easy, and best of all they have great customer service when you call with questions. Oh, and they do great work and keep my lawn looking great. Highly recommended.