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Lawn Treatments in Amarillo TX

Lawn Treatments in Amarillo TX

Lawn Treatments in Amarillo TXPeople owning outdoor properties know that some of the most challenging tasks to implement seasonally are those related to fertilization and weed control. Given the specificities of the area, the weather, and the environmental provisions concerning water waste, customers in the Panhandle area prefer to have expert professionals caring for such things all year long. If responsibility, sustainability, and excellent lawn health & looks are also among your concerns, you will be happy to learn that our lawn treatments in Amarillo TX are the best and safest money can buy!

Reliable, Healthy Lawn Treatments in Amarillo TX: What to Know

Our lawn fertilizer service represents the hard work of professional horticulturists. Since we have been servicing the area for 15 years, we know very well how it changed, what challenges it faces, and how we can approach each particular situation in a specific manner.

  • Your lawn differs plenty from your neighbors’ one, so we will implement a tailored, personalized approach to address its needs, boost its strengths, fix its weaknesses, and factor in the prevention of possible future
  • Our lawn treatments in Amarillo TX also factor in weather conditions and the watering needs and regulations in your area.
  • Besides crabgrass control, our step-by-step yearly program focuses on providing you with safe and eco-friendly lawn weed control services including pre-emergent weed control, post-emergent control, application of herbicides, and spot treatments as well.
  • Once we follow the schedule and make the applications, you will not worry about grub, mosquito, flea, and tick yard treatments either.
  • Our tailored blends of fertilizers ensure your lawn and landscape are safe from weeds and pests in an environmentally friendly approach.
  • Getting our lawn treatments in Amarillo TX ensures a clean, healthy, and thriving lawn.

What Else Should You Know about Reeder Landscape?

As our name suggests, we are a full-service company helping our clients enjoy their lush outdoor spaces with no stress, hard work, or budget waste. Besides excellent lawn weed control services, we also offer the following services:

  • Regular annual lawn care services;
  • Landscape design, building, and maintenance;
  • Professional water-saving irrigation services (including but not limited to irrigation system installations, sprinkler repair, and installation, water saving management, etc.); sustainable, effective, and efficient watering systems on your lawn are now possible through our Water Sense partnership;
  • Spring and fall leaf clean-up;
  • Snow removal if necessary and more.

With a decade and a half in the industry, we built a strong reputation for our work ethics, strong programs meant to ensure the safe thriving of your lawn and garden, competitive prices, and clear billing procedures. In case you would like to work with us, there are more things you should know about how we treat each client account:

  • We assign you a project/account manager to perform quality control and verify if things are going the way you want them to;
  • We always respect our schedules and notify you in time upon delays or changes;
  • We offer free estimates no matter the size of your projects;
  • We continuously invest in our technician’s education and skills, the latest equipment, and the safest and most efficient fertilization and weed control technologies; our professionals have licenses and certifications in horticulture and environmental sciences, among others.

Most of all, you benefit from our one-of-a-kind satisfaction warranty, but give us a call, ask for an estimate and allow us to impress you with our excellent lawn treatments in Amarillo TX!


The Reeder Landscape 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

We guarantee you will be absolutely thrilled with our Lawn Maintenance Services. If there is ever an issue or you have any dissatisfaction with our work, we will be there to fix it and make it right. You can count on Reeder Landscape. We stand behind 100% of our work. Every time. Nothing is more important to us than your complete and total satisfaction.

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Reeder Landscape is an excellent company! Very professional! They did the work as promised and finished ahead of schedule. Would highly recommend.

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Thomas Williams

These guys are top notch. They make selecting services super easy, payment is super easy, and best of all they have great customer service when you call with questions. Oh, and they do great work and keep my lawn looking great. Highly recommended.