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Hiring Professionals in Sprinkler Repair & Installation – Canyon TX Residents List Top Advantages

Many homeowners think that they will be better off buying and installing a home sprinkler system themselves, but little do they know is that there are clear and long-term advantages to letting a professional handle the sprinkler system installation or the repairs. Just like in a relationship, it is important to start off on the right foot with any issues related to sprinkler repair & installation. Canyon TX residents have recently shared with us the top advantages of hiring a professional to do the irrigation work for them. They believe that the investment can pay big dividends in the long run.

Top 3 Advantages of Letting the Pros Take Care of Your Sprinkler System

Many people use an old reliable garden hose to keep their gardens and yards in top shape. However, for larger properties or homeowners that just want to get rid of the drudgery of regularly watering their lawns, a home sprinkler system is the perfect solution. But switching to a professional irrigation system should not be left to chance. There are some clear advantages of hiring a team of professionals for a sprinkler system installation. Let’s start with the least obvious one.

1. Installing a sprinkler system by a pro means that there’s a lower risk for that system to break down. For instance, one major source of water (and cash) waste is the so-called weeping leaks. These are underground leaks that happen without the lawn owner’s knowledge, which can inflate the water bill massively in the long term.

Underground water leaks usually happen when the irrigation system’s PVC pipes crack or the system’s valves fail to shut off completely. One common cause of pipe damage is improper installation of the system from the get-go. Poorly trained technicians will not bury the pipes deep enough to prevent foot traffic from adding too much pressure on them and cause them to crack.

Our pros in sprinkler repair & installation in Canyon, TX, recommend placing the pipes at least 7 inches deep. Nevertheless, burying them too deep might lead to another problem. Spotting a leak in that scenario will be incredibly difficult. This is where comes into play the advantage no. 2 of hiring professionals to install and repair your home sprinkler system.

2. Only a team of professionals will be able to diagnose your sprinkler system without turning your lawn upside down. For instance, our sprinkler repair and installation experts will conduct pressure tests on both new and older systems to spot all hidden leaks and malfunctioning valves and start fixing them.

3. A sprinkler repair & installation company will know how to install any sprinkler system or upgrade an old one to maximize your property’s efficiency and minimize water waste. We at Reeder Landscape work with landscape professionals to pick the right sprinklers and sprinkler system layouts depending on the local climate, size of the property, type of greenery, and lawn’s sun exposure.

Also, under our Water Sense partnership, we use only technologies and equipment that comply with the federal water efficiency standards because we know first-hand how important proper water conservation implementation is in the Panhandle area.

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We are family owned locally operated full-service landscape company that has been serving the Texas panhandle area since 2005. We strongly believe that lush green landscapes and water efficiency can successfully coexist in this part of the state too. That’s why it is part of our mission to flawlessly install sprinkler systems from scratch and make sure that they run as efficiently as they can to keep our clients’ properties in tip-top shape without depleting an already increasingly scarce resource.

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