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Best Spring Lawn Treatments: Canyon TX Experts Share Their Secrets

Lawn maintenance is not only about hosing down your yard whenever it looks thirsty or mowing it regularly. A plush and lush green lawn that makes the envy of the neighborhood also needs a series of treatments to keep it properly fed and disease- and weed-free throughout the year. Our pros in lawn treatments in Canyon TX have handpicked the best lawn treatments you should pamper your lawn with this spring. here are their top picks.

Our Experts in Lawn Treatments in Canyon TX’s Tips

A healthy lawn implies a soil that can support most types of turf grass. Soil pH is often an overlooked aspect, but it is key to a lush green landscape. Most grasses thrive on neutral soil (around 6.5 pH), but don’t jump on the soil amendment treatments wagon just yet. Your soil might have all the nutrients it needs but it might be too alkaline or acidic. This is why many fertilizers don’t work, or even worse, cause those unsightly fertilizer burns.

Before fertilizing your lawn, do a home soil test. In many cases, adjusting the pH of the soil can go a long way and will spare you shelling out extra money on expensive fertilizers.

Our experts in lawn treatments in Canyon TX recommend starting soil fertilization this spring with a good 2-in-1 fertilizer and pre-emergent weed killer. The product should be applied when the soil temperatures are warm enough to support turf growth, but weeds haven’t sprouted yet. Next, apply a weed preventer and fertilizer to ensure that the nasty weeds are kept at bay while the turf gets a well-rounded diet. You could instead use a high-nitrogen fertilizer and spot-treat any areas with weed issues.

Nevertheless, when applying chemicals to your garden or lawn, don’t overdo it. These products can only stress out a yard in the long run which is extremely unhealthy for both the vegetation and the groundwater. If you look for a team of professionals to handle your lawn’s fertilization needs, give us a call. We have an above-standard chemical program that will keep your lawn well-fed while caring for the environment.

When it comes to weed control, the best treatments are those that include a fertilizer. The 2-in-1 approach (described above) kills off existing weeds while feeding and strengthening your lawn to repel new weeds naturally. We recommend using weed killers only if your yard is packed with weeds. If your yard has very few of them, you can tackle them manually. For severe weed infestations, we recommend calling in a team of professionals.

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