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3 Cash-Burning Lawn Irrigation Mistakes: Our Pros in Sprinkler Repair & Installation in Amarillo TX Share their Wisdom

Lawn watering might seem like a no-brainer but very few homeowners do it right which often leads to tremendous water waste in an already dry area and plenty of surprise costs. Our experts in sprinkler repair & installation in Amarillo, TX, have agreed to share for our blog the top three lawn irrigation mistakes that waste water and possibly even solicit a sprinkler system repair later on, costing non-diligent homeowners hundreds of hard-earned dollars. So, why not prevent them?

3 Lawn Irrigation Mistakes that Homeowners Should Steer Clear Of

Some of the following mistakes are made when the sprinkler system is installed while others are routinely made by the homeowners themselves. Regardless of the type of mistake, all are very common and easy to prevent. Here’s our experts’ favorites:

1. In-Ground Sprinkler Pipes Not Buried Deep Enough. This one is a common mistake done by sprinkler system pros that lack the necessary experience and training to properly set up such sprinkler systems. An in-ground system’s PVC pipes should be placed at least 7 inches underground or else they might crack if you routinely step on that portion of the ground or any other load is adding extra pressure. On the other hand, burying them too deep is not a wise idea either as you may have a hard time to diagnose any problems that may arise with the pipe system before requesting a sprinkler system repair.

2. Improper zoning. Most homeowners, especially those lacking a solid gardening background, are not aware that their greenery doesn’t have the same watering needs across their entire property. So, they set their automatic sprinkler systems at the same time and the same water pressure with total disregard of their lawn’s very specific watering needs. This practice often leads to overwatering, fungal issues, and a less-than-ideal lawn.

How do the Experts Handle Zoning of a Yard?

An irrigation expert will divide a yard into zones before setting up an irrigation system so that he can strategically place the heads and boost the efficiency of the irrigation system. Sun exposure, type of vegetation, and foot traffic are just a few of the factors that should be considered when creating a watering zone.

Very few sprinkler installation and repair companies train their technicians in landscape architecture and maintenance so that they can make sure that their clients’ properties run as smoothly as they can. Fortunately, this is not the case with our team of experts in sprinkler repair & installation in Amarillo, TX. Our landscape company has been serving the Texas panhandle since 2005, and no irrigation-and landscaping-related challenge is currently too big for us.

3. Wasting Water. One of the most common but least obvious way of wasting water with irrigation is sprinkler system leaks. No matter how big or small a leak might be, the losses add up and inflate your water bill over time. There’s also the risk of major underground leaks if the sprinkler system’s valves fail to completely shut down. Our sprinkler repair pros pressure test each irrigation system to detect even the smallest water leaks and start fixing them.

Another common way of wasting water is watering the lawn shallowly every day instead of watering it 2 to 3 times per week but deeply. In fact, only annuals need to be watered every day; most turf grasses, shrubs, and trees need to be watered less frequently and more inconsequently to help them develop strong root systems and thrive. Water waste alone can cost an average homeowner more than $500 per year.

Our Pros in Sprinkler Repair & Installation in Amarillo TX Are Here to Help

Why waste all that cash when you can put it to good use elsewhere? With more than a decade of lawn maintenance and landscaping experience under our belt, we at Reeder Landscape are confident that we can prevent all the above irrigation mistakes so that your property stays plush green and runs as efficiently as possible.

And if your sprinkler system needs some TLC, we have the people, equipment, and expertise for it. Plus, thanks to our Water Sense partnership, you will no longer have to worry about water waste and sustainability in your area. Your lawn will be in good hands. But don’t just take our word for it. Get in touch with our experts in sprinkler repair & installation in Amarillo, TX, today!

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